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Volunteer Frontliner Shares How Malaysians in Sabah Reject Swab Tests Despite It Being Free & Accessible



Source: Asmah Binti Kadir

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Being a frontliner isn’t easy. Not only do you have to put your own life at risk of infection, but you’ll also have to deal with people who don’t exactly like the concept of cooperation.

Take it from Asmah Binti Kadir, a volunteer frontliner who is trying to help the people of Sabah get swab tested.

She took to her Facebook page to showcase the different excuses and rejections she’s gotten from Malaysians who refuse to get swab tested despite the fact that the tests are conducted from the comforts of their own homes.

Genap seminggu jadi "Sukarelawan Frontliner". Walaupun tugas hampir sama setiap hari tp sebenarnya berbeza…

Posted by Asmah Binti Kadir on Khamis, 8 Oktober 2020

She wrote, “It’s been a full week of being a ‘volunteer frontliner’. Even though the tasks are the same every day, the experiences are different. In conclusion, it is not easy to create awareness. Even if it is free. They have asked, ‘When is it going to be here, when is it going to be there?’, but when it is happening at the location nearest to them, it is still difficult for them to come. It’s been made convenient for the community so that they don’t have to queue at the health department in Kubota. No need to wait for long to get a 30 second swab test. KKM goes to your location.”

But sadly, people still reject getting tested despite the fact that the frontliners are already outside their houses.

“Frontliners are the ones calling out for them, going house to house but they still reject. Wearing the PPE suit and walking around in the heat, requesting for them to come get checked, but they think ‘It’s okay, if die then die la’. The most incomprehensible part is when they refuse to get it done at specific locations due to ‘different political parties’.”

“In fact, we like pointing fingers at the responsibilities of those in higher positions than us, but our own little responsibilities we neglect. Dear people of Tawau, benefit from the initiative and effort. Together we can cooperate for our country. Our enemy is the Covid-19 virus and together we must fight the virus so that we can win in the end,” she shared.

Frontliners are there to help and to ensure that you and your family remains safe considering the Covid-19 numbers are arising again. We should cooperate instead of reject the help over matter that should not come into play when it comes to infectious diseases.

Kudos to Asmah and her fellow volunteer frontliners for doing the nation a great service.

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