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Wan Azizah: All Pakatan Harapan Ministers Must Declare Their Assets



Source: The Malaysian Insight

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Transparency in this country is very new and refreshing! 

It is definitely great to see a government that doesn’t hide information from the rakyat as it is important for Malaysians to know that they can trust the ruling government.

Therefore, in efforts to strengthen the trust of Malaysians towards the government, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail told the press today (24 May 2018) that it is a requirement for all Pakatan Harapan ministers to declare their assets, reported NST. *cue applause*

Source: My NewsHub

During a press conference, DPM Dr Wan Azizah was asked if Pakatan Harapan would do an asset declaration amongst its leaders. She then assured them that PH’s policy will definitely require its ministers, deputy ministers and members of parliament to declare their assets.

“Yes, I think so. It is part of what we have said.”

“It is part of our management’s way of doing things,” she said after clocking in as Women, Family and Community Development Minister today (24 May 2018).

However, she added that the asset declaration will be executed when Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng announces it. We’ll have to wait for LGE to announce the date! 

On the other hand, when asked if Pakatan Harapan can fulfil its “100 days promises”, our first ever female DPM answered,

“We have a working cabinet. Yesterday (23 May 2018) when I sat for my first cabinet meeting, I can see that we are all set to go.”

“There are so many things to do and we are all aware that we have a ‘100 days promises’ to fulfil. This is top of our priority and all of the ministers in the first cabinet know about it. We are working on it.”

Do you think they can fulfil their promises?

Source: FMT

In a nutshell, a transparent government is definitely good for the people as it encourages honesty amongst our society. Let’s hope that Pakatan Harapan will be able to keep up this integrity, honesty and ethics as time goes by.

Good job, Pakatan Harapan! 


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