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Want To Look Forever Young? Popular Celeb Mira Filzah Shares Her Top 5 Secret Tips To Glowing & Lifted Skin



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Almost every Malaysian would recognise the renowned actress, model, host and admired beauty, Mira Filzah. This 27-year-old celebrity is not only known for her impeccable talent and the long list of movies and dramas in her portfolio, but she’s also beloved for her bubbly, girl-next-door personality.

On top of that, one of her most admired traits is her flawless, forever-youthful looking skin. Lucky for us, we’ve managed to talk to her and get the inside scoop on how she maintains her effortless beauty. Curious? Well, keep on reading to find out Mira’s top tips to achieve that desired glowing, lifted skin!


1. First things first: find a skincare routine that works for YOU

When it comes to skincare, there’s no one-size-fits-all deal. Every product will react differently depending on your skin. This is why Mira’s first important tip in this list is to find a skincare routine that is specifically tailored to you!

“I stand in front of the camera almost every day, which means I need to look presentable at all times. I’ve learned the importance of finding products that really work for you. You can start simple with just a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Another key to success is to be loyal to your routine and never ever skip it! Don’t be tempted to change to another product just because it has gone viral! No matter how lazy or tired you might feel, you still need to perform your skincare routine, guys.”


2. Include products that are meant to tackle your main skin issues

Mira loves her no-makeup makeup look on her days off.

Once you’ve got that basic skincare routine settled, it’s time for the fun part: add-in products that aim to tackle your skin issues such as pigmentation, fine lines, dry skin, dark circles, and more.

“For me, I love the new SAFI Youth Gold Lifting 24K Golden Elixir because it’s really good at reducing early signs of pigmentation and it gives my face the ‘glow up’ it needs.”

This is her secret potion guys!

Mira went on to remind everyone that just because we’re staying indoors this MCO, does NOT mean that we can abandon our skincare routine. In fact, we’re still just as susceptible to skin issues caused by ageing, which is why our skin needs all the help it can get!


3. True beauty comes from within, literally!

And no, we don’t just mean your personality but your literal insides! “Now, don’t hate me for this tip, okay? But a lot of people don’t realise that your lifestyle and your diet can affect your outer appearance! Want to look forever young? No better way to do it than to exercise! Looking after what you eat will also impact the state of your skin.”

Notice the extra ‘glow’ you have after a workout session? That’s because exercising can boost collagen production and keep your skin looking ever-so-youthful. So listen to Mira’s advice and let’s keep moving!


4. Get informed about the first signs of ageing in Asian skin 

Do you know about the first signs of ageing in Asian skin? According to Mira, it’s quite easy for it to appear on our Malaysian skin.

“With Westerners, their skin gets very dry and prone to wrinkles as it ages. But with Asian skin, the first prominent sign of ageing is pigmentation, which is quite a norm in Malaysia since it’s summer all year long here! So, those golden hour sunrays may look good in selfies but they can actually cause pigmentation on your skin!”

But fret not, there is still good news about this, which brings us to Mira’s fifth tip…


5. It’s never too early to start using rejuvenating skincare!

“Luckily for us, pigmentation is completely reversible if treated early! That’s another reason why I’ve been obsessed with this SAFI Youth Gold Lifting 24K Golden Elixir. The name says it all: it really is gold-standard skincare! So far, it has worked wonders in treating signs of pigmentation on my skin by delaying and reversing the first signs of ageing.”

Especially since she has recently stepped into a newer and more mature phase of life, Mira emphasised that it is now more important than ever for her to retain and rejuvenate her looks. This is why she won’t settle for anything less than ‘gold-standard’ when it comes to her skin.

Speaking of which, if you’re curious to try out the SAFI Youth Gold Lifting 24K Golden Elixir that Mira has been raving about, then now might be the best time to do so! Did you know that Mira Filzah has actually partnered up with SAFI to release a whole new skincare range?

Known as SAFI Youth Gold, this range aims to tackle, treat and slow down the first signs of ageing in Asian skin which includes pigmentation.

This SAFI Youth Gold (SYG) range has pretty much everything you need, including:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Essence
  4. Moisturiser
  5. CC Cream
  6. Serum
  7. Eye cream… and products for every other step in between!


So what’s so great about this SYG range?

Firstly, it is infused with Golden C-Lift Technology which is formulated by the SAFI Research Institute, the world’s most advanced Halal Skincare Research and Development facility! This technology is also meant to penetrate 12 layers of skin in just two hours in order to:

  • Reduce pigmentation and reverse the first signs of ageing in Asian skin.
  • Improve overall skin condition for a firm, lifted and golden-glowing complexion.
  • Give the skin the lift and suppleness it needs to retain that youthful look.

Not only that, but the whole SYG range is made of Nano Gold 24K and Golden C (vitamin C that is stabilised with gold). Even the star of the show, the Lifting 24K Golden Elixir, is infused with 98% Pure Golden Flakes to give your face that golden glow.

You’d literally be feeding your skin nothing less than gold, you guys! 😍


Mira also went on to explain her goal with this range and how skincare nowadays has evolved beyond just a simple beauty routine. It is now a self-love ritual as well. “I only want to create the best products for people’s skin, so I didn’t want to settle for anything less than GOLD! Plus, when you give your skin the care it needs, you’re also showing love to yourself and that’s my main aim with this SYG range. I wish for people to sayang their skin more!”

You heard it, guys. Skincare has become an integral part of our lives now. We don’t just do it for beauty but to feel good about ourselves and give ourselves the confidence boost we need too. And what better way to do that than to go for the golden standard of skincare and treat your skin to achieve that healthy and golden-glowing youthful look we all desire!

If you’d like to know more about this SAFI Youth Gold skincare range, you can head on over to their website here. You can also purchase this range online as SAFI is now available on Watsons.


Do you know of any other tips to achieve youthful-looking skin? Share with us below!


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