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Watch: Adorable M’sian Kids Cry Tears of Happiness After Getting a New Kitten



Source: Twitter & Twitter

Just a little something to brighten up your gloomy day!

Twitter user, @alyaaddini posted this adorable video of her niece and nephews being surprised with a kitten they’ve been wanting for a really really long time.

“These kids really love cats and everytime they go to a pet shop, they definitely would want a cat. Then, my aunt got them a kitten as a surprise! The sister is so happy, she’s in tears.”

We really don’t know who’s cuter, the kitten or the kids. Hear that ? That’s the sound of my ice,cold heart melting. Netizens also found it touching and comments of love and support began pouring in.

Source: Twitter

“This girl has the purest heart but I can’t imagine what will happen to the adik if she loses the kitten, I’m afraid of the separation.”

Source: Twitter

” She’s got a pure heart. Hope they can raise the cat together.” (also yes, I chose to not crop out the cat’s picture from the comment. The cat’s cute and it’s staying!)

Source: Twitter

” The kids are holding the kitten so properly. If it was my nephew, the kitten would’ve been half-dead”(umm, should we be worried?)

Kids really do have the purest hearts and will love anyone and anything to their hearts’ content.

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