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Watch: Cruel M’sian Boys in Car Chase After Scared Dog While Laughing & Shouting Insults At It



Source: Malaysia Animal Association

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Malaysian animal-lovers have been angered by a recent video that has been brought to the general public’s attention by the Malaysia Animal Association.

The video showcases people in a car, chasing a dog down a dark, deserted street as it ran for its life. They also shouted a series of insults at it as they laughed, clearly entertained by their wicked actions.

The Malaysia Animal Association is now looking for the bullies in the video.

The wrote, “The young bullies who are causing trouble with dogs are currently being tracked. Bullying and cursing animals is a crime of animal cruelty that many do not know. The act of bullying a dog, bringing fear and a sense of threat to the dog as in the video, is an offense according to the law that protects animals.”

In the video, they can be heard shouting “DOG!!! Stupid! Move to the side! DOG!! Aren’t you tired?! Hah! It’s tired, it’s tired!”

At several moments, the dog was clearly not in the middle of the road, but the boys continued to follow it closely, at rather high speeds, causing it to run out of fear.

“Brother Salahuddin Zainal is called to come forward and explain whether these actions were made by him or not. The behaviour of intimidating dogs by posing such threats will inherit children and an oppressive generation, heartless with a lack of humanity,” they added.

We genuinely hope that the authorities will take notice of this incident and take the appropriate action against the boys in the video as their actions are contributing to the already prominent animal cruelty culture in Malaysia.

As people, we must do and be better.

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