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Watch: Drug Dealer Tells PDRM He’s “Catching Birds” After They Caught Him in a Bush



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Ohh, Langkawi. You’ve always been known as Malaysia’s home for duty-free drinks and partying but as of now, you’ll also forever be the place the best Malaysian drug bust clip originated from.

In a now-viral video making it’s rounds in the Twittersphere thanks to Erman Rahim (@ermanrahimmm), the 5 second clip showcases a police officer catching a drug pusher as he makes a run for the jungle nearby. What makes this video so special however is the exchange between the police officer and the druggie.

The police officer had asked the man why he ran, to which the man denies he did. The exchange goes:

Police officer: Why did you run??

Druggie: Eh, I didn’t run.

Police officer: Then what were you doing?

Druggie: Catching birds.

Considering the fact that there are normally very few birds like owls that actively rummage through the jungle at night, his excuse definitely seemed a little unbelievable.

Netizens, completely amused by the incident, took to the comment section to share their opinions.

Source: Twitter

This comment reads, “Hahaha besides being a drug dealer, he’s also a comedian.”

Source: Twitter

This one, on the other hand, goes, “Hahahha lying to a point where you’re out of ideas.”

Source: Twitter

This comment says, “He’s so high he’s seeing birds in a dark forest.”

Part of The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)’s plan to bring down the drug trade is to focus on areas that seem to be teeming with illegal activities, which includes Langkawi, considering its reputation for being one of the cheapest places in Malaysia for a good time.

Erman’s posting has since garnered over 34,200 retweets.

This drug bust will definitely be going down in history as one of the funniest! 


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