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Watch: Indian Police Use Giant Tongs to Nab Criminals While Practicing Social Distancing



Source: Sanjay Baniwal

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Modern problems require modern solutions… However, we’re not entirely sure if this solution by the Indian police is that necessary.

Indian Director General of Police for Chandigarh, Sanjay Baniwal, have come up with a rather ‘creative’ method to apprehend a suspect in the era of Covid-19: giant tongs!

Shared via his official Twitter account, Sanjay previews the giant tongs in action in a rather comical yet dramatic depiction of a policeman snatching a criminal. This goes to show that no crime is without the reach of the police, especially now that they have an ingenius invention that even Tony Stark would be envious of.

Seeing that this is a solution that adheres to social distancing practices amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the officer in the video demonstrating the usage of the thong was of course, wearing a surgical mask. Safety first!


The officer can then be seen clamping the device around a man’s waist and forced him into a pickup truck.

NPR contacted the Chandigarh Head Constable Gurdeep Singh personally and when enquired replied that,

“We call it a ‘social distancing clamp’ or a ‘lockdown-breaker catcher. This is especially used in instances where we suspect that someone has the coronavirus and they are not cooperating with us.”

According to NPR, police officers in Chandigarh are still practicing with a prototype of the tongs and haven’t yet put it into use against criminals.

You can view the whole video here:


After watching this glorious video, I’m sure all of us can agree that even in times of pandemic, no criminal can escape the long arms of the law! 😛


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