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Watch: Indonesian Villager Goes To A Mall For The First Time, Cries Tears of Joy



Source: Luckman Zayd

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Sometimes even a simple thing such as going to the mall can be considered a privilege, don’t forget that.

In a series of videos uploaded by Indonesian TikToker Luckman Zayd, he brought his friend from the village to a mall for the first time and documented the whole journey.


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When they were at the mall, Luckman took a TikTok of his kampung friend. The friend was dressed simply in a t-shirt, track pants and slippers. It was revealed that Luckman took his friend to the mall after his friend was done farming, so his palms were injured. Despite the pain, he was still happy to be at the mall and even cried tears of joy.

The next video shows that he was no stranger to reciting the Quran and could recite the lines by heart.


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After that, they went to eat and Luckman suggested that they eat at the mall. However, his friend felt that it was too expensive and he said,

“I think these are too expensive. I don’t mind going to the warung and eating normal food.”


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And to the warung, they went! Luckman’s friend was happy and after dinner, they saw a stall selling Tahu Tek-Tek which is an Indonesian street food where the tofu is covered in peanut sauce and shrimp paste. Although it was just ordinary street food, Luckman’s friend was overjoyed as he had wanted to try it for a very long time.


#jangandiskip #fyp #fypシ #foryou #masukfypdong #foryoupage

♬ Law Kana Bainana Al Habib – Mohamed Youssef

Luckman then ended the video by saying that we should always be grateful for everything in life as it is something that can bring us joy.

We are so happy for Luckman and his friend and we wish them all the best in life!


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