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Watch: Jason Derulo Breaks His Front Teeth While Doing Corn Drill Challenge, But Maybe It’s a Prank



Source: TikTok

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About three years ago, you would have seen a viral trend on the Internet called the Corn Drill Challenge where people attempt to eat a whole corn on the cob in a few seconds by using a drill. Many attempts were epic fails when some of them had their teeth ripped off and some even had their hair caught on the drill.

Like this

And this

Fast forward to 2020, some are still attempting this challenge and one of them is, Jason Derulo. In a TikTok video posted on 19 May, the American singer-songwriter appeared with a corn on the cob and a drill in his hand and attempted the challenge.

But this is where things go downhill as he puts the corn to his teeth.

“Have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try this. Life hack.” he said, before turning on the drill.

A few seconds later, Jason Derulo screams in pain as he reveals that his two front teeth had allegedly chipped off. He even posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “Don’t try this 😭😭.”


Now, before you freak out, there has been many suspicions that this could all just be a prank. This is because Jason Derula has made several TikTok videos of his teeth getting chipped off in previous videos but appeared in later videos with his teeth still intact. Netizens just aren’t sure if they should believe him this time.

Right after posting the corn drill video, he made another video showing his broken teeth to his girlfriend, Jena Frumes.


However, after scouring the Internet for more information about this, I think it’s safe to say that Jason Derulo was just pulling a prank as he just posted another video on TikTok at about 12pm on 20 May showing his perfect white teeth.


It could be a video recorded before he had his teeth broken off but it is still uncertain. Until now, Jason Derulo still hasn’t clarified if it real or not.

Do you think this just a prank? Let us know in the comments below!


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