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Watch: Johor Woman Breaks Down When Doctor Tells Her She’s Finally Pregnant After 13 Years of Trying



Video: Johor Woman Breaks Down When Doctor Tells Her She's Finally Pregnant After 13 Years of Trying - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & Twitter

Sometimes ah, when you’re scrolling online, you wind up taking these wild trips across the Internet which lead you to watching playlists of people popping pimples, or people touching microphones really suggestively. We’re looking at you, ASMR.

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But then sometimes, the Internet leads you to some very special and heartwarming places, and this is one of those times where we have absolutely no regrets. Take this post on Twitter for example, posted by user @yiyieeen. In it, she introduces us to her current favourite IG account, @drthokha. As it turns out, the account belongs to an OB-GYN (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist) who helps couples who are suffering from fertility issues to have children.

But one video she included in particular seriously made us reach for two boxes of Kleenex tisu lah! According to the caption included in the video, a woman who had tried and failed to get pregnant for 13 years visited the doctor’s office.

Source: Twitter

The doctor then started her on a 24-day treatment, and by the end, surprised her with a positive pregnancy test!

That’s right, the woman managed to get pregnant with the doctor’s treatment after trying for 13 years!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Shocked and surprised by the results, the woman broke down in tears and thanked the doctor profusely for helping her achieve a miracle she never thought she would experience. After 13 years, she can finally experience motherhood. Why did it suddenly get so emotional omgggg.

As it turns out, you can binge watch more of Dr Thoka Mohammad’s (@drthokha) content on Instagram, because he has a collection of incredibly touching photos and videos of him helping couples get pregnant. Here are some more:

If there are those of you who wish to contact Dr. Thokha for a consultation, you may make an appointment with Pn Ainun at 012-6176914 or 07-3886269.

We wish these happy couples all the best on the road ahead to parenthood, and thank Dr Thokha for helping them achieve their dreams of experiencing nature’s blessed gift!


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