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Watch: Kind PDRM Officers Help Escort Man’s Pregnant Wife To Hospital As She Goes Into Labour



Source: Zun Jie AJi Facebook

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For many of our frontliners, going above and beyond for the sake of Malaysians is just part and parcel of their jobs. Which is why there has simply been no shortage of stories emerging out of our local community about the kindness they have shown Malaysians, whether it be paying for an elderly woman’s utility bills or buying food for underprivileged families who couldn’t afford it during MCO.

And it definitely appears that our frontliners aren’t about to stop anytime soon because just recently, Facebook netizen Zun Jie Aji shared how some kind PDRM officers went out of their way to help escort his heavily pregnant wife to hospital as she entered labour!

The incident, which took place in Penang, occurred when Mr Zun was stopped by local police after he was caught speeding while behind the wheel. When pulled over, he explained to the police officers that he was speeding as he was trying to rush his heavily pregnant wife to hospital after she entered labour.

Realising in that moment that time was of essence, the PDRM officers then made the decision to lend Mr Zun a much needed hand.

Escorting his car by leading ahead with their own patrol vehicle, the PDRM officers helped clear the road ahead to allow Mr Zun to get to the hospital quickly in time, without having to worry about traffic.

Posted by Zun Jie AJi on Sunday, May 3, 2020

And with their help, Mr Zun managed to ferry his wife to the hospital in time without any worries whatsoever. In fact, Mr Zun even documented the journey, showing the dedicated police officers accompanying him all the way up to the hospital!

“Thank you so much for the help you have offered us. Only God can help repay the kindness you have shown us today, sirs.” he said.

The post, which has since gone viral over social media, has attracted the attention of Malaysian netizens everywhere who applauded our local police force for going out of their way to help a fellow citizen in times of urgency like this.

To our frontliners who continue to protect and lend aid to us fellow Malaysians during this time, we salute you for your continued contributions to the community! 


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