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Watch: Little Girl Cries A River After Her CAT Destroys Her Homework



Source: Instagram

The expression ‘my dog ate my homework’ is an expression that is usually used by out-of-idea kids giving excuses for their failure of turning in their homework.

What say you, if we were to tell you that such a thing actually happened?

One netizen shared an incident when her sister bawled her eyes out after the family cat took it upon himself to destroy his owner’s hard work.

Taking to Instagram, here is @zurratulaina‘s IG story of the incident involving her sister Zahra Dhia and their family cat, Muk.

Coupled with the caption “The cat has just ripped through her homework.”, there was nothing that she could do to help her sister out but only to advise her to re-do her work.

Haizz, love them or hate them we just can’t live without them.

As to rub salt into the wound, Muk continued laying down at the scene of the crime, perfectly oblivious to the mischief he had performed.

As the video went viral on social media, several other netizens stepped up and shared their story of how cats will never leave you alone.

One netizen writes, “Same here. My cat always disturbs me when I’m doing my work.”

Let’s hope that the girl will pull through this and continue to love her cat despite the destruction he had brought on to her homework.

Mischief managed!


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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