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Watch: Malaysian Men Completely Transformed After Doing The Viral ‘HairSome’ Challenge



With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) still in place, one of the many businesses still not allowed to operate is none other than our barbers and hair salons. And with weeks turning into months, we’re slowly realising how much we’ve been taking our hairstylists for granted and how difficult it actually is to cut or shave someone else’s hair. Shaving or trimming our own heads is another nightmare altogether.

But, just like everything else during the CMCO, Malaysians have been getting oh-so creative at home, realising new talents they never knew they had.

And one of these trends which is slowly going viral (that isn’t cooking or Dalgona Coffee-related) is none other than the ‘HairSome‘ challenge.

And it’s taking our Malaysian men by storm! Just look at some of these transformations!

Who knew just a tiny trim and hair wash could make such a huge difference to your looks!

Interested to take part in this Hairsome challenge? Here’s everything you need to know about it:


1. First off, what is the ‘Hairsome’ challenge all about?

Well, just like any other viral TikTok challenge, Head & Shoulders Malaysia has decided to come up with their very own one!

Known as the Hairsome challenge, it was created in an effort to encourage all you Malaysian men out there to keep your crowning glory looking neat and fresh, without the help of barbers or hairstylists, even during this #StayAtHome period. That’s right boys, you don’t have to let your hair grow out until the end of CMCO. It’s time to get HairSome again! 

The challenge mainly requires you to wash, trim, wash again, and then style your hair for the ultimate look. And no, you don’t NEED to get the Head & Shoulders Ultramen shampoo to give this challenge a go! Check out how some of our dashing influential Malaysian men did it:


2. This challenge also doubles as a competition 

If you’re struggling with messy, overgrown hair during this time, there’s honestly no better time to trim it than now! Who knows? You might just realise a new talent while you’re at it!

And just like any good competition, there are some pretty insane prizes up for grabs too! But more on that later. Here’s how you can join this viral TikTok challenge and possibly win big:

  1. Get on TikTok and record your most confident Hairsome trim by showing off your most Ultra look with the Hairsome soundtrack
  2. Post it up with the hashtag #HNSHAIRSOMEMAN & tag @headandshouldersmy
  3. Complete this caption with less than 10 words: “Head & Shoulders Ultramen makes my hair…

That’s it! Make sure your account is set to public! And remember, you don’t need to get the Head & Shoulders Ultramen shampoo to take part. Just make sure give yourself an epic haircut. 😉


3. The prizes are insane!

Need a little extra push before you decide to take part in this super fun challenge? Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  • Grand prize: iPhone 11 Pro x 1
  • Special prizes: AirPod Pro x 3
  • Consolation prizes: Head & Shoulders Ultramen Cool Menthol 315ml shampoo x 100


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Sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask us! Just remember to wash it, trim it, wash it, then style it for the ultimate Ultra look okay!

If you’d like to give the Head & Shoulders Ultramen Cool Menthol shampoo a try for yourself, you can easily get it online right here! Better yet, get their shampoo and join the TikTok Hairsome challenge too! You can find out more about it by following Head & Shoulders on TikTok here.



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