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Watch: Man Breaks Down After His Pet Cat Dies, Sadness Felt by Every Pet Owner



Watch: Man Breaks Down After His Pet Cat Dies, Sadness Felt by Every Pet Owner - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

Our hearts are breaking!

Any one who has experienced the passing of their pet knows how painful it is and one video on Twitter highlights this fact.

A netizen on Twitter shared how he mourned the passing of his best friend Amy when he was at work.

In his status, he writes, “I was at work when my older brother called my name and told me that my cat had died a few hours earlier without me knowing about it.”

“I raised her ever since she was little. I have never cried like this in my life. Forgive me, Amy.”

Clearly in pain, @rimaulah2615 could be witnessed stroking Amy just as lovingly he would when she was still alive. The man was unable to hold back his emotions and broke out into a loud cry.

Clearly taking his grieving process on social media, netizens were sympathetic at @rimaulah2615 for his loss.

In his thread, he shared pictures of him burying Amy and a video remembering what she was like in her life.

Clearly very much attached to Amy, the video showed how much Amy was really the pride and joy of @rimaulah2615‘s life.

“This is the last video of Amy and me. She was waiting for me to come back from work and would enter the house together once she hears the sound of my motorbike.”

Many took to his thread to share their own painful memories of the passing of their pets.

Imagine what it would be like if your pet passed away. Gone are the days where they’d wake you up with their wet noses at 5 in the morning or their warm neediness when you come back after a long day at the office.

@rimaulah2615 – we understand your loss.

The death of a pet is truly one that hurts right in the meow meow. Our hearts go out to to everyone who’ve experienced this kind of painful loss.

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