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Watch: M’sian Road Bullies Harass, Threaten Driver Who Didn’t Let Them Use Emergency Lane



Watch: Car Blocking Emergency Lane For Car Gets Threatened With Steering Lock - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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It’s safe to say that Malaysian roads are full of weirdos.

I mean, if you’re already committing a traffic offence, you might as well commit more, right?

One man that was using the emergency lane decided likewise. The We are Malaysians Facebook page took to their account to showcase dashboard camera footage depicting a man in a Toyota Vios who was using the emergency lane while there was a traffic jam. He almost hits 2 motorcyclists stopped on the lane. He then continues on, as the car with the camera blocks the emergency lane from being used by another car, a Proton Satria.

But that’s not all, as it turned out that the Satria being blocked was the Vios driver’s friend. The Vios then stopped in the middle of the road to block the car with the camera, which allowed the Satria to pass. The Satria then joined their friend blocking the road as the Vios passenger got down and threatened the car with the camera with a steering lock.

Luckily, a motorcyclist defused the situation before someone got hurt.

Road Rage case

Road rage incident…路霸…13/1/2020 @15:26Plushighway (Gua tempurung➡️ KL)#PDRM

Posted by 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians on Thursday, January 16, 2020

We are Malaysians wrote, “Road rage incident, Plus highway from Gua Tempurung to KL.”

After the Vios had passed, the car with the dashboard camera can be seen driving halfway into the emergency lane, blocking the Satria behind him.

We believe that the Vios driver then harassed the driver for blocking his friend.

After blocking the road, both the passenger from the Vios and the driver of the Satria then started harassing the driver of the car with the dashboard camera.

Fortunately, a motorcyclist decided to stop and defuse the situation, coaxing both the Vios and Satria drivers to get into their cars and drive off.

This proves that not all heroes wear capes, they also carry red backpacks.

Also, to the editor of the dashboard camera footage, you mentioned in the video that “If we were to berate them for their behaviour, they’d say that it would be racism.”

That would be true if you were to berate them without using racial slurs, though unfortunately, your video is full of racial slurs.

We understand that what these guys did was very wrong, and they do deserve to be detained for their actions, but that does not mean that you can call them things like ‘parpu p*nd*k’ which translates to ‘dhal vagina’ and ‘appa amma p*nd*k’. That’s racist as it insults an entire community, not just the bad eggs that you encountered. Maybe try to reign in that racism.

Never let a few bad eggs ruin your perception of an entire community.

We genuinely hope that the authorities take action against the drivers and passengers of the Satria and Vios.

We are Malaysians’ posting has since garnered over 891 shares.

Come on, Malaysians, the emergency lane is for emergencies only.


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