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Watch: PDRM Fires Two Shots At Car Tyre After Suspects Tried To Escape & Run Over Officer In Setapak



Source: Lobak Merah

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Looks like a scene out of GTA!

A police car chase on DUKE highway involving two unidentified suspects who fled from the cops after being suspected of suspicious behaviour is currently still being investigated.


Car desperately tries to flee in congested road in Setapak

In the video, a traffic police officer can be seen on his motorbike, chasing down the black Nissan with the number plate JPY 2796, before successfully overtaking him. The officer was then pictured taking out his firearm while ordering the suspect to stop their vehicle.

The Facebook page captioned,

“There were 2 men in the suspicious vehicle. The officer tried to stop the vehicle for a check but the suspect accelerated towards Jalan Gombak, even going towards opposing traffic.”

Lari daripada PDRM

MAKLUMAN AWAL KEJADIAN KEJAR MENGEJAR MELEPASKAN TEMBAKAN OLEH ANGGOTA JSPT KLPada jam lebih kurang 1630 hrs 18.5.2020 semasa Kpl 16XXXX (Anggota point duty) menjalankan tugas kawalan lalulintas di jalan Genting Klang setapak telah nampak sebuah kereta jenis nissan Teana Hitam JPY 2769 dinaiki 2 lelaki bangsa tak pasti dlm keadaan mencurigakan . Dia cuba menahan kereta tersebut untuk pemeriksaan namun suspek memecut kearah jln Gombak sehingga melalui jalan bertentangan . Semasa dalam keadaan jln sesak di situ dia telah turun dan terus menuju ke kereta tersebut untuk menyuruh pemandu turun dan berhenti dengan mengetuk kereta tersebut suspek malah cuba melangarnya . Anggota trsbt terus lepaskan 2 das tembakan di tayar hadapan sebelah kanan bagi memberhentikam kereta tersebut. Selepas tembakan itu suspek terus memecut hingga ke Duke Highway dan kereta tersebut akhirnya terhenti di tengah besi pembahagi jalan dan suspek telah lari meninggalkan kereta . Pemeriksaan di dalam kereta menemui satu paket dadah disyaki jenis Syabu.Maklumat lanjut akn menyusulTKasih▶️KJSPT KL#Inforpadblock

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Driver refused to stop and tried to run over officer


However, the suspects refused to comply and even tried to hit one of the officers with his car!

The officer then fired two shots at the Nissan’s car tyre but failed to stop the vehicle from getting away.

Following the Facebook post by JPJ, authorities began their chase after they caught the two suspicious-looking unidentified males while monitoring the traffic near Jalan Genting Klang. They tried to stop the vehicle for further examination but the suspects immediately broke away from traffic, heading to Jalan Gombak.


The car was later found abandoned with drugs inside it

While PDRM managed to retrieve the abandoned vehicle on the DUKE highway, the suspects managed to escape. Authorities are currently investigating the registration number of the vehicle to verify its legitimacy as the car is registered under a 62-year-old woman, not pictured or identified to be in the vehicle during the incident.

It was said the drug was suspected to be Syabu a.k.a. meth.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday (18th May). Authorities urge anyone with information about the suspects of the case to come forward to help with the investigation process.

If you live in the area, do stay safe! 


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