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Watch: PDRM Officer Video Calls Family Every Night As He Hasn’t Been Home For 2 Months



Source: Sin Chew Daily

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To this day, our frontline officers, whether they be PDRM policemen or doctors and nurses, are still making sacrifices all the time to ensure that our country remains safe and that the Covid-19 situation is kept under control.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping count, this means that these dedicated men and women have been carrying out their duties for well over two months now.


Not being able to be with family for over 2 months

And that alone is a feat in itself to behold, when you consider how many of these men and women have not had the opportunity to be around their own family members due to their commitments to work. One such frontliner, a police Sargent by the name of Mohamad Di-Afendi Jamaluddin, hasn’t been with his family in over two months since the MCO started.

The 33-year-old told Harian Metro that the last time he saw his family was on 16th March 2020, when he was on leave right before the MCO started. In fact, he was supposed to be on leave for a week, but was called to work after the MCO was declared.

“I am thankful that my wife understands that I am a police officer and is ready to face challenges like this in our marriage.

“Being apart from my family for two months is torture. My wife always tells me how much my children miss me.” he said.

In fact, he almost cried when his children asked him when he will be home.

However, with video calling, he has been able to alleviate some of that longing by speaking to his family every night though the phone after his duties, whether if its manning a roadblock or doing rounds in the squad car.

Sargent Mohamad Di-Afendi says he’s most thankful to his wife, 33-year-old Azlinda Abd Jalil, who has been the bedrock of their family since he started working on the frontlines. But he acknowledges the fact that given the current circumstances, he isn’t the only frontliner who has had to make sacrifices for the sake of the nation.

To frontliners like Sargent Mohamad Di-Afendi, we salute you for your continued dedication and commitment to your duties in keeping Malaysia safe. 


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