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Video: Police Catch Grandfather Trying To Bury Own Grandaughter Knowing She Was ALIVE



Source: TheNewsMinute

In many parts of the world, women are achieving so much and making everyone so proud, while on the other side, something as vile and heartless as female infanticide is still rampant due to societal, cultural or religious beliefs.

The police force from Hyderabad, India arrested a family trying to bury their newborn baby girl alive. The video below shows the man, who is the baby’s grandfather, holding “something” in his hands while another guy digs a hole with his hands.

It can be seen in the video the grandfather was saying that his daughter had given birth to a baby girl, and they didn’t want to bring it home. The guy who was digging the hole was also a relative to the baby.

“I thought she was dead, that’s why I came to bury her!”

Yeah dude, whatever you say to justify your COLD-BLOODED MURDER.

The police managed to arrest them thanks to the help of an auto driver who was suspicious of the two men, one carrying a mysterious bundle and another digging a hole. According to the Daily Mail, he immediately alerted the police and they arrested the men before anything happened to the baby. The baby is fortunately safe and is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Source: DailyMail

How some people can be so heartless as to kill a baby is beyond us. It’s 2019! This is just plain murder to satisfy your backward thinking.


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