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Watch: Raja Bomoh Tries to Make Covid-19 Disappear By Reciting Spells Over a Globe



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Now, who could forget the man who wanted to protect Malaysia from North Korea by using coconuts. This infamous man made headlines when he first volunteered to locate the missing MH370 flight back in 2014.

Just when we thought that we had seen the last of “Raja Bomoh” a.k.a Ibrahim Mat Zin, he pulls another surprise from up his sleeves!

Raja Bomoh is back yet again with another one of his missions to save Malaysia, this time it’s to help Malaysia overcome the Covid-19 pandemic! Instead of using coconuts, he is now hoping to cure Malaysia from Covid-19 by using a globe (yes, you read that right).


In a 12-minute-long video that has gone viral, Raja Bomoh claims that he felt the responsibility as a Malaysian to help the nation overcome Covid-19, and he believes that it’s for the greater good of humanity.

With “ancestral herbs” in his hand, he believes that he can cure the places affected with Covid-19 through the globe that is in front of him.

The “ancestral herbs” was not the only weapon in his pandemic curing arsenal. Raja Bomoh then took out a mini telescope-like object which he says he “scans” the globe with. He proceeded to claim that the mini telescope belongs to his ancestors who are also bomohs and revealed that he is the fifth in his family to inherit it. Now, we know it runs in the family.

After he had “scanned” the whole wide world, he then sprinkled a few kinds of rice on the globe in hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic, in his words, “would fly away”.

Through the video, Raja Bomoh also expressed his worries about our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin because Covid-19 has proven to be challenge in his new regime.

He ended the video with a few pieces of advice for Malaysians, including requesting that everyone to cooperate during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and also reminding Malaysians to keep their faces, noses, mouths and ears clean.

That’s right folks! Raja Bomoh supports personal hygiene.

He further requested the government to look after those who are not working as they will face difficulties making a living. It’s nice to know that Raja Bomoh has Malaysia’s best interest at heart, though he has a weird way of showing it.

Here’s the full video:

Raja bomoh mencuba sedaya upaya mamagar msia Dan dunia Dari convid 19

Posted by Persatuan Silat Silat on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The number of Covid-19 cases are increasing as the days go by. We hope that everyone looks after each other in this difficult times and practice social distancing. What do you think of this article? Share your thoughts down below.


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