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Watch: Rude M’sian Man Throws Tantrum In Family Mart After Touching Oden With Bare Hands



Watch: Malaysian Man Cant - WORLD OF BUZZ
Husna Halim 1:40 PM Source: Twitter

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Family Mart! This innovative convenience store has provided us with delicacies that we never thought we needed, like their always-popular udon station!

They are opening everywhere like mushrooms after a storm in Malaysia and none of us are complaining… except this guy.

Shared on Twitter by beng was a video of a very rude Family Mart customer who doesn’t seem to know how to respect basic cleanliness regulations.

“I don’t know how to start but I find people like these really are too much. When the worker says that you can’t touch the sticks, they mean it. You’re being arrogant and even shouted at the staff for telling you their rules. If you say ‘customers are always right’ then you’re not right in the head.”

As they originated from Japan, this convenience store chain or ‘konbini’ as the Japanese call it, puts high priority on hygiene and the environment. So to come in from who knows where and touch the food with your bare dirty hands is the ultimate red flag.

The ‘touchy’ customer made contact with a whole batch of oden, and by right he should be made to buy them all.

And to add to the already embarrassing proceedings what the reaction of the man’s son. The poor boy is obviously used to his dad’s tantrums, and plugged his ears and just watched in horror.

Clearly, no one is happy about it.

“I don’t know who created the phrase ‘customers are always right’. Hello, the customers are only right when they do the right thing!”

“Even the staff were using gloves, meanwhile this guy touched everything carelessly.”

Source: Twitter

 Pray that his son won’t grow up to be as rude.


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