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Watch: Student Performs PornHub Theme Song For Talent Competition, School Allegedly Expels Him After



Watch: Student Performs PornHub Theme Song For Talent Competition, Gets Roaring Applause For It! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: YouTube & PCMag

For users of the Internet, you’ve probably at one point sneaked into one of the world’s largest pornographic sites to check out what all the fuss is about. We’re going to say that we think it’s for curiosity purposes, but let’s be real, that’s not true. We know why you’re there. Regardless of which, PornHub has actually one of the most recognisable online ‘theme songs’, believe it or not.

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So when a student who joined a local school competition with a very recognisable theme song in mind, you can imagine how that went. A recent video that was uploaded to popular social media app TikTok shows the young man behind his drum kit.

But what the audience probably didn’t expect was for him to start playing, yes, the PornHub theme song. With its familiar drum and cymbal rhythm, those who were in the audience went absolutely WILD. Guess we know who’s busy late at night now.

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Despite that incredibly amusing approach to the talent competition, his teachers weren’t amused and it was alleged that the student who came up with this whole scheme was ‘expelled’ from his school for his antics. Ouch! But the identity of our talent hero is unfortunately unknown at this point, as is the name of his school.

That video may just go down in history as some of the most legendary antics we have ever seen a student pull off in school. What do you guys think? 


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