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Watch the Moment Roof of Bukit Raja Toll Plaza in Klang Shockingly Collapses



Watch: The Moment Bukit Raja Toll Plaza Collapse - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: NST

Road users commuting along the Bukit Raja stretch of the NKVE had to endure some scary moments last night (August 25) when the ceiling of the toll plaza suddenly collapsed.

The incident was caused by a thunderstorm that hit the area and the toll plaza was blocked on both sides, preventing vehicles from passing through.

Watch: The Moment Bukit Raja Toll Plaza Collapse - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Twitter

According to PLUS Malaysia as quoted by NST, initial investigations found that no one was injured during the incident and they are currently working on cleaning the debris as well as inspecting the toll plaza for any other damages. At that time, all incoming and outgoing lanes at the toll plaza were closed for cleanup.

PLUS has also advised road users to follow all their latest updates regarding the incident on their Twitter account PLUSTrafik. As of 1.27am, the latest update is that there are three outgoing lanes and two incoming lanes that are opened for passage.

Watch: The Moment Bukit Raja Toll Plaza Collapse - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: NST

An eyewitness, Yusuf Mat Barjo, told NST that the wind was blowing strongly which caused the ceiling of the toll plaza to collapse several minutes later. Some of the debris had hit a car below.

He added,

“But everyone is fine. The staff members were also directed to leave and stay away from the toll lanes.”

Images and videos of the collapsed toll plaza were circulating online as well as netizens were shocked by the incident. It was reported that it took place around 9.30pm.

For those who are planning to travel and the Bukit Raja toll plaza is part of their journey, please find alternative routes and stay updated with any new information. Be safe on the roads guys!


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