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Watch: This Baby Koala Climbing Onto a Doggy’s Back & Refusing to Let Go is the Cutest Thing Ever!



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Source: YouTube

An adorable moment was recorded on video where a baby koala bear tried to ‘hitch a ride’ from a doggy it met in a backyard and refused to get off!

According to Daily Mail, Henry from Adelaide Hills in South Australia took his miniature schnauzer, Tony, for a walk into the backyard on 6th October. This was when they stumbled upon a baby koala bear that seemed to have lost its mama bear.

Source: YouTube

The koala then latched itself onto Tony’s fur as Tony walked around a little startled at why this tiny creature was on his back.

The koala then climbed up onto Tony’s back and clung on tightly, not wanting to let go even though Tony tried to gently shake it off.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Eventually, Tony sat down and rolled around in an attempt to get the baby koala to let go, but the marsupial just held on even tighter.

In the end, the koala finally got the hint and let go of Tony before climbing back up into the trees.

Source: YouTube

Henry said that it wasn’t uncommon to see koalas in the area but this is first time he had seen one get so up close and personal.

Here’s the full video:

Aiyo, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Hopefully the little koala bear was reunited with his mama bear again. 


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