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Watch: Woman Hysterically Accuses E-Hailing Driver of Kidnap Because He Took a Route with Tolls



Source: Facebook

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We all have that experience of an e-hailing driver or taxi taking a different route than we’re used to but this is quite an overreaction!

Yesterday (31 Jan 2019), Go-Jek driver from Singapore uploaded a video on Facebook about his recent encounter with a hysterical passenger who argued that the driver is trying to cheat her money by taking a route with tolls to her destination.

Worse, when the driver calmly brought both of them to a police station so that their argument can be resolved diplomatically, the passenger suddenly started shouting for help and claimed that she has been kidnapped to the police. What? That’s a pretty serious accusation!

Source: Facebook

The 7-minute long video shows footage from a dashcam camera inside the driver’s car in the midst of the mentioned argument. The video starts with the solo passenger, a Singaporean female saying that the driver was out to cheat her money because the route the driver was taking has ERPs (tolls in Singapore).

She insisted that the usual route she takes every morning does not incur any toll charges. However, when the driver asked her for directions for that route, she could not provide it.

The driver affirms that he would not be taking a single cent from the passenger and asked her to make a refund claim with Go-Jek. The driver then cheekily said,

“You should take the bus, cheaper.”

Knowing his rights, the driver told his troublesome passenger that he would be making a report of the whole ordeal to the police and the Land Transport Authority and asked the woman to do the same. Wah, this abang so calm one!

Source: Facebook

The woman can then be seen moving away from the car’s camera to call someone. From her phone conversation, we can clearly hear her saying to the person she called how the driver was “dangerous” and subsequently turned on the phone’s loudspeaker so that her friend on the line can speak to the driver.

Her friend on the phone said that she had the passenger’s GPS location noted down with the driver replying that he was bringing both of them to the police station nearby. The woman on the phone then said the driver “has no right to take her hostage.”

Upon arrival at a place he thought was the police station, the passenger started shouting for help and saying she had been kidnapped by the driver. The driver spoke to a police officer who told him he was not at the police station and directed him there.

The woman then tried to exit the vehicle but the door was locked. She then became hysterical and started to shout,

“He locked the door, he locked the door!”

Source: Facebook

Actually, the doors of the car would lock automatically when the driver enters the vehicle; a fact that both the driver and the police officer tried to explain to her. When the door was subsequently opened, she became more hysterical and even argued with the police officer. She further accused the driver,

“You didn’t touch me but you locked the door and you took me hostage!”

She continued her tirade even after both the driver and the policeman calmly tries to tell her the truth. However, she insisted that she was being kidnapped by the driver and even spouted something that has no relation to the incident at the end of the video,

“Is it because I’m Chinese?”

Aiya, what has that got to do with anything? You can view the whole video below:



The incident has gone viral on social media with netizens criticising the woman for being so hysterical. The driver has since made a police report and also informed Go-Jek.

What do you think of the incident or have you encountered something similar before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Woman Claims E-Hailing Driver is Kidnapping Her When He Used a Tolled Route, Ended Up Shouting "Is It Because I'm Chinese" - WORLD OF BUZZ

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