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Waze Now Shows You How Much You Have To Pay For Tolls Nationwide!



Waze Can Now Show You How Much You Have To Pay For Tolls Nationwide! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Star & Amanz

For those of you who have been keeping track of the recent moves to remove Toucn’n Go reload lanes at certain highways, you may have started feeling a little anxious as to how you’re going to plan your travel journeys while knowing you have enough money left in your card for each toll booth.

Source: Stuff

Well fret no more, because Waze has just rolled out a new life-saving feature that is going to completely save your life when it comes to reloading your Touch’n Go, according to the Malay Mail!

Waze Tol

Source: Amanz

Alongside offering its usual range of navigation services, Waze has apparently added in a new feature that will now tell you how much each toll will cost on the highway before you even get there! Yes, you heard right!

Waze Tol

Source: Amanz

The new update that has been rolled out to iOS and Android devices will allow Waze users to view as well as compare toll prices all across Malaysia. 

Waze product manager Moriah Royz said in a statement that these features were brought to life by over 30,000 monthly active map editors. The feature will be automatically enabled in all Waze apps and users will apparently be able to see a toll tag on the route if you are driving on a toll road.

That’s a pretty useful feature to have onboard, we think! 


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