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We Asked Malaysian Youths Their Honest Opinion On Syed Saddiq’s New Party MUDA



Source: Deva Darhsn/Unsplash & MUDA

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By now, most of us know that Muar MP, Syed Saddiq has registered his new party under the name MUDA (Malaysian United Democratic Alliance).

Earlier this morning, the hashtag #MUDAsudahMULA started trending on Twitter as many people were tweeting about it after he shared it on the platform. After a quick scroll through the hashtag, we can safely say that most of the youths and people feel that this party will bring about a change. In less than 10 hours, the party’s official Twitter account has accumulated 11,000 followers and the numbers just keep piling.

MUDA’s main aim is to give a voice and change up the political scene in our country which is still very set in the old ways. MUDA is not only limited to the youth but it is for all the citizens of “all ages and races”.

We also ran a poll on our IG stories and about 2,513 people have responded at the time of writing.

91% of our audience have shown that they will be supporting Syed Saddiq’s new party while 9% of them said no.

To get some answers, we decided to interview a few Malaysian youths to get their point of view and this is what they told us:

  • Izu, 22:  I think  Syed Saddiq’s new party is a great initiative to make sure that the youths have a say in developing this nation. Half of the population in Malaysia comes from the youth so they should be given a platform in the politics of this country. As a youth myself, I fully support this new party.
  • Shira, 22: I think it’s great that he’s approaching young voters who don’t necessarily see the idea of how much their voting can impact Malaysia. It’s also nice that he doesn’t exclude anybody, unlike the other parties. Definitely have high hopes for MUDA.

  • T, 23: As a Gen Z active on most social media platforms, watching older or “boomer” politicians dismissing then quickly embracing the Internet was amusing and a little sad, to be honest. By the time these politicians discover that social media can be used to connect with their people, Syed Saddiq is already leaps and bounds ahead of them. Never once did any of his Internet trends seemed forced or awkward. For the first time in a long time, I feel somewhat proud that someone in my age group cares about the problems that my peers face and wants to speak out for us. Do I have my scepticism? Of course! However, based on the mess that older politicians put Malaysians through in the last two years, isn’t it time for young people to take the wheel now?
  • V, 28: This party is a positive and progressive step for the future of our country. Let’s hope that it doesn’t lose its direction and vision along the way (like most parties do eventually). MUDA is the future, youth is the FUTURE.

In the writer’s own opinion, this country has been through enough. It is time for a change, a fresh start by a person with a fresh mindset to take over and break the “tradition”. With the emergence of MUDA, I hope that as traditions are challenged, we’ll be able to voice out our problems freely. Hopefully, it will change this country and its politics for the better.



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Source: MUDA
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