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We Can Soon Buy Rice for Cheap Now That Bernas’ Monopoly is Broken



Source: Sinar Harian & The Straits Times

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Rice is a staple food in Malaysia but over the years, rice of good quality has become rather pricey. This is because many believe that the price of rice has become expensive due to the monopoly of Bernas (Padiberas Nasional Bhd).

Source: BERNAS & The Star

However, ever since it was learnt that Bernas’ monopoly is broken, the prices are expected to drop soon!

According to The Star, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, Salahuddin Ayub said that the price of rice will drop soon since Bernas no longer has sole control over rice imports anymore. Yasss!

Therefore, he said that the National Agriculture Advisory Council and the corporate sector will have to figure out ways to come up with the “best business model” to import rice for Malaysians.

“Bernas will still import rice, but there will also be other companies doing that,” said Salahuddin.

During a press conference today (13 June 2018), he explained that the price drop will definitely work in favour of the consumers and it’s also crucial to seek feedback from “ordinary Malaysians” on ways to improve our rice imports and distribution. Kudos on trying to get the public involved! 

Besides that, he added that ending Bernas’ monopoly over the import of rice will ensure food security for Malaysians.

“We want to reduce the risk of being too dependent on a single party,” Salahuddin said after receiving a donation worth RM1 million from Yeo Koo Lian, YKL Group chairman at Taman Sri Kaseh, Bakri.

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According to him, most of the rice brands sold in Malaysia are imported from China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Despite that, he said that importers can now get rice from any other country of their choice. They can import rice from whichever country they want! 

So, we applaud the government for ending this monopoly which has hurt the prices of rice in Malaysia. Also, since the prices are set to decrease soon, we can now look forward to buying better quality rice that is not too expensive! Yay! 

Brb, gonna be stocking up on some rice! #riceislove 


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We Can Soon Buy Rice for Cheap Now That Bernas' Monopoly is Broken - WORLD OF BUZZ

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