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We Can’t Stop Laughing At This PJ Restaurant’s Strong Pun Game on Their Creative Menu!



This PJ Restaurant Has A Funny and Creative Menu, Netizens Are Loving It - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Restaurants in Malaysia these days are getting very creative with the names of dishes on their menus. The names of these dishes can sometimes range from film-inspired ones or just plain punny stuff. One thing’s for sure though, the results are always hilarious.

A Facebook user known as Kiumars MK wrote about a restaurant’s menu in his post which he found super hilarious. The restaurant is called Sköhns Canteen and it’s located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

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Source: Facebook

“This restaurant surely has their sense of humour. A+ for the humour,” he wrote. A quick look at the menu will have you chuckling at the punny names they came up with for the dishes that come with a healthy dose of Malaysian humour.

One good example is the ‘Winter Is Kambing’ and all the Game of Thrones fans would probably be freaking out right about now. This dish actually describes grilled BBQ Lamb Chops, as you would’ve guessed!

Source: Facebook

Another hilarious dish name is ‘Cow Ilhamku’ and consists of sliced BBQ beef. Not only did they creatively used Cow instead of “Kau” from the Malay word, if you remember it’s actually the title of a really popular Malay song as well. The dish called ‘Ayam The One And Only’ would definitely make you laugh and salivate at the same time.

They also have these two funny dishes called ‘The Bapaq Ayam’ and ‘The Kepala Bapaq Cow’. It’s most likely that the person who wants to order this would laugh for a solid five minutes before placing their order and thinking best to say it to the staff without making it sound like an insult.

Source: Facebook

Some of their food names also mix Twitterverse into their menu. Just take a look at this.

Source: Facebook

‘#JanganKecamSaya’ was a popular Malaysian Twitter trend and this dish, ‘The #JanganKetamSaya’ will definitely make the person ordering it burst into laughter.

Kiumars MK said in his post that this restaurant also allows customers to pay in advance for meals to be given to homeless people. What a nice gesture!

After paying for the meal, a notice or coupon would be stuck on the wall so that the needy can take it and redeem the food from the restaurant. It definitely encourages people to help the unfortunate. Netizens were loving this hilarious food puns on the menu, saying that it was really funny and definitely a good conversation starter.

It’s always amazing to see restaurants and eateries having fun with naming their dishes on the menus. These little things could make somebody smile when they’re having a bad day. 


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