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“We feel heroic” School Kids Cosplay As Frontliners For M’sia Day To Honour Their Sacrifices



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In case you forgot, it’s Malaysia Day and you’re probably relaxing at home enjoying your public holiday. Malaysia Day is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. This event saw the union of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore into a single state.

However, our celebration this year is a little bit different due to a small little virus called Corona. Yet, we shouldn’t let this diminish our patriotic spirit. In case you needed a pick-me-up, how about looking at these primary school kids celebrate Malaysia Day by cosplaying as frontliners!

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Speaking to World of Buzz, Aira, a teacher from the school in Shah Alam, said that the children were asked to choose their favourite frontliner and cosplay as them for the celebration. She said through this celebration, the children will have more appreciation towards those who are fighting to keep the country safe.

Some of the children have frontliner parents and they shared the sacrifices that their parents make, for example, not being able to come home regularly, and being outstation while some parents are stuck overseas.

“A student even told me that they feel proud impersonating the frontliners because they feel heroic as compared to only wearing their traditional outfits.”

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We asked Aira how it’s like to be a teacher during the Recovery Movement Control Order and abiding by necessary SOPs. She admitted that it is difficult to control children who have so much energy and excitement. “We often have to stop class every 10 minutes to remind students to sanitize, and the phrase ‘please wear your mask properly’ comes out of my mouth at least 50 times a day,” she said.

The teachers have added duties now with packing food for their students and gate duties as well. Living in Cyberjaya, Aira has to leave as early as 6am to reach her school gate at 7am for her duties. She added that some teachers have it much more difficult than her and her respect for them is on a whole other level.

However, despite this Aira said that she has never once felt burdened or disliked her duties because as a teacher she genuinely wants the best for her kids. Another wholesome thing here is that all the teachers in the school refer to the students as their ‘anak’ (child).

In return for this dedication, the teachers get an abundance of love from their students, their effort in class and knowing that she’s raising the future generation!

It brings us such pride that teachers like Aira are teaching the future generation. Here’s wishing the adorable kiddos, teachers and all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Malaysia!


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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