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We Made M’sian Politicians Into Anime Waifus Using This Software And We Loved The Results!



Source: WOB

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Disclaimer: This was all made in jest and we have nothing but respect for our fellow politicians.

So, it’s a hot evening on the 49th day of the Movement Control Order and on a random scroll through the Internet, I came across this software called Selfie to Waifu which transforms your picture into an anime waifu in a matter of seconds! For you noobs out there, Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great and sometimes romantic, affection for.

The thought of putting my own picture into the tool seemed a little….. boring and frankly, a bit gross as well. So, what was the next alternative? Using pictures of people that I had no hard time finding over the Internet which are our Malaysian politicians! Let’s just say the results kinda blew my mind. Let’s see if you can recognize our politician waifus.

Let’s start with an easy one shall we?


Can you guess?

Yes! It’s none other than our former Prime Minister, Najib Razak. If you guessed correctly, give yourself one point. Or two or even five, no one’s really keeping track tbh.


We’ll be honest, this waifu doesn’t do justice to the actual person. This character gives me a hero but secretly a villain vibes. Maybe I should lay off the anime for a while? 

There isn’t that better?


I’m sure you can guess this.

It’s obviously our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad! Are you even focusing if you got this wrong??


This one’s a bit tricky but here’s a hint. He’s an expert UNO player and has dealing nothing but the +2 card for the past few weeks.

Truth be told, you should’ve guessed this better after seeing him in the television almost every week!


This politician is going viral today for something he DIDN’T even do. Can you guess him?

If you can’t see the resemblance, it’s probably on you tho….


Ok, this one’s probably a lil too anime because in case you haven’t noticed, the image is MISSING A NOSE!

If you guessed Khairy Jamaluddin correctly, you’re a verified Malaysian politician expert AND a certified otaku as well!


Ok, so technically, she isn’t a political leader but if we’re being honest, she’s had one of the biggest political influences ever!

YES! It’s obviously Datin Seri Rosmah and weren’t we right about her political influence?

Well, there you have it! Our Malaysian politicians re-imagined as anime waifus. If you’ve tried the software, share with us your masterpieces in the comment section!


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