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“We were like her own kids!” M’sian Meets His Babysitter After 32 Years In Heartwarming Reunion



Source: Dell Zhafry Fuad

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Growing up, we listen to stories from our parents from their days where Malaysians lived harmoniously among different races without prejudice. However, with some of the issues being brought up nowadays, we’re still unsure of the direction of harmony in the country.

Facebook user Dell Zhafry Fuad shared a story of his relationship with his babysitter, Kak Mala and how they reunited after 32 years. Growing up in Berjuntai Tin Dredging, Selangor, sometime around 1988, Zhafry and his two siblings were taken care of by Kak Mala who was only 14-years-old at the time. Kak Mala took care of them like they were her own children.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Zhafry shared that Kak Mala sacrificed her schooling for her siblings. Despite that, she took care of Zhafry and his siblings as her own and would repeatedly say they were her kids.

Zhafry with his siblings and Kak Mala in 1988.

Then, came the sad moment when Zhafry and his family moved to Terengganu and that was the last time they saw Kak Mala. Zhafry never thought he would be reunited with her until November 2020. Amazingly enough, the reunion happened by accident when Zhafry and his childhood friend happened to take a walk down memory lane at Kem 6 Berjuntai to visit their Quran teacher, Pakcik Khalid.

Upon meeting him, they found out that Kak Mala stays nearby his house and Pakcik Khalid brought them there. But when they went there, Kak Mala was nowhere to be seen, thankfully her siblings still remembered Zhafry and they called Kak Mala. She immediately told them to wait for 20 minutes as she was already on her way home.

Kak Mala could not believe her eyes when she saw an all-grown-up Zhafry and her tears started pouring out.

“She held my hands and hugged me and kissed my cheek and was in tears. She said thank you Lord, my child is back.”

From Kak Mala, Zhafry found out that she got married in 2018 and had been attending to her ailing mother and sister before her marriage. Unfortunately, Kak Mala’s mother whom he affectionately used to call paati (grandmother in Tamil) had passed away in 2009.

Zhafry and Kak Mala in November 2020.

“Life was different back then.”

Zhafry said the difference in races between his family and Kak Mala’s family was never a factor to consider at all. In fact, Kak Mala took care of them while their parents were at work or attending any functions. If his parents came back late, they would be sending her back home. He simply said that back then, everyone lived more harmoniously. Through their reunion, Zhafry hopes that this is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between his family and Kak Mala’s family.

Stories like these are definitely heartwarming and serve as a reminder that we’re all Malaysians so, why the hate? Let us know what you think about Zhafry and Kak Mala’s touching reunion!


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