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Wearing A Face Mask With A Valve Could Be Doing More Harm Than You Think, Here’s Why



Source: Seoul Inspired & Astro AWANI

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You’re wearing a mask now? Great! Well, technically, it’s a must if you don’t want to be fined RM1,000. However, you shouldn’t wear a mask just for the sake of it. The Ministry of Health even released information on the types of masks you should be wearing and when should you be wearing them.

Besides the usual fabric masks and three-ply masks, a prominent mask that we see on a daily basis is the N95 mask equipped with a front valve.

Front valve N95 mask worn by ex-Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

What’s the “valve mask” even used for?

Even though it does seem safe, the N95 valve mask can actually propel the germs further. According to Healthline, as the valve is one-way, it doesn’t permit droplets to enter HOWEVER valves of that type permit droplet release from the mask, putting others at risk.

Dr Ali Raja, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, told Healthline that the virus can be transmitted through a valve which doesn’t offer any filtration.

“Any mask with a one-way valve is only going to protect the person wearing it. It won’t protect anyone around that person from potential exposure to virus particles they exhale.”

If you’re confused on what mask you should be wearing, just remember that the safest option is always the three-ply surgical mask. You can check out here for what types of fabric masks you can be using.

Remember, to win the war against the Covid-19 pandemic, we should all be playing a part by donning our masks and maintaining physical distancing at all times!


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Source: ABC News

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