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What Is A Census & Why It Is Mandatory For Malaysians To Participate



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Want to help your community but you are unable to do so due to personal restrictions? Well, here’s your shot that doesn’t require you to do anything else besides answer some very simple questions.

The Malaysian government is currently in the process of conducting census for 2020 and the first thing that comes to our mind is (especially for us millennials and Gen Zs), what’s a census?

Well, here’s what we’ve found out.


The Population and Housing Census

A census (Banci, in Malay), or more officially known as the Population and Housing Census, is conducted every 10 years in Malaysia, where government officials would go door to door conducting a survey to update their information on our country’s population and their residences.

Have you seen these cards stuck outside your front door?

The census has been conducted six times in Malaysia, beginning since 1960.


But, why is it important?

Well, once the government gains all the information they need on the general public such as size, distribution, composition and socio-economic characteristics of the population and housing in Malaysia, they’ll be able to better determine how to fairly divide the billions of ringgit worth of government finances.

The data you provide can help communities that lack general amenities.

For example, if you’re living in a rural area where there are a lack of proper roads, taking part in the census can contribute to the government realising that better roads are needed in your area (and the same goes for the need for schools, hospitals, public transportation and other vital amenities).

This information can also help businesses create job opportunities as they’ll be able to determine whether they can open factories, offices and shops in that vicinity.

And you can help contribute to all of this just by taking part in a survey (and also, it’s mandatory for the general public to participate under Akta Banci 1960). So, how do you do it?


Banci 2020

Over the previous censuses, government officials would actually go house to house and door to door to collect the data that they needed. But, due to the fears of the coronavirus and the advancement in technology, the authorities have set up the MyCensus online portal where the general public can safely participate in the census without having to risk anything.

For information on how to participate in the online census, as according to the official MyCensus website, a postcard containing all the necessary information will be sent to your home with further instructions and an invitation code, so, look out for that postcard!

If you have any enquiries, you can visit MyCensus.

To pre-register for the e-Census invitation code, click here. (Only those with an invitation code can access e-Census.)

Remember, if you receive the postcard, you have been mandated to participate!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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