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Why Is Everyone Battling Over This NEW Musang King Ice Cream? Here’s What You Should Know!



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When it comes to durians, there are two kinds of Malaysians: those who despise durian’s entire existence or those who love it in all its smelly glory. And we’re talking about crazy fanatics here! Don’t believe us? Well, just look at these two super durian lovers who were battling each other over the new Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream!

ICYMI, there was recently one of the biggest showdowns in town between Auntie Siow (@soimjenn) and Aunty Linta (@tatatawanqian) where they went on a live, one-on-one battle to showcase their crazy extraordinary love for this ice cream and to find out who was the one, true ‘Musang Queen’.


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They even threw shade at each other on Instagram, wei! That’s how you know things are about to go down. 👀

What they had to do was compete through three rounds, consisting of:

  1. Speed-eating
  2. A talent show
  3. A battle of the promoters

All to see who is the most worthy of the title. They even held a giveaway for their viewers where the prizes included a Musang King durian, 2 pints of the new Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream and a mini Musang King tree!

A tree??? Walao, Nestlé is not kidding around guys! Imagine having a durian tree show up at your doorstep… XD

We’re not kidding when we say they went a little crazy. XD

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can catch the full live battle here. Just be sure to get ready to laugh your hearts out though!


If you’re thinking, “Over ice cream also want to fight, ah?” Well, if you’re a Musang King fan, you’ll get it once you’ve tasted the new Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream because…

This ice cream is literally #MadeWithRealMusangKing which means it’s like eating the real thing… but in ice cream form!


Okay, we don’t know about you but this has just made our wildest durian dreams come true. We love ice cream, we love durian, and now they’ve come together to make this beautiful and irresistibly delicious lovechild!

Just look at the ice cream and the durian, no difference wei!

We’ve actually tried the ice cream ourselves and our verdict is… it can even turn a durian hater into a lover!

The ice cream is creamy, fragrant and best of all, you’ll get real durian bits in every scoop so it will definitely taste just like the original thing! The best part is, it is priced at approximately RM25 per pint only, which means everyone can have a chance to indulge in this delicious treat!

Is anybody else drooling or is it just me?

Want to know if it’s really good or not? Just look at all these other influencers who are enjoying the ice cream. They also said it tastes just like the real musang king durian!


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See? No need to spend hundreds on the real thing. Just get this pint of happiness instead, and you can enjoy it with your whole family!


If you need to get your hands on some of this creamy goodness now, then you can simply head to any hypermarket or supermarket near you and purchase your own pint. Or, choose an even more convenient way and purchase them online through Lazada or Shopee and get them delivered straight to your doorstep!


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Are you excited to give this ice cream a try? Or have you already tasted it? Tell us below!

Source: KL Foodie
Source: KL Foodie
Source: KL Foodie

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