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WOB Tries: Nobu KL Is Offering Omakase For Two For The Price of One & It’s Definitely A Must-Try!



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Presenting its newest addition to the August offerings, Nobu Kuala Lumpur is having a Nobu Kuala Lumpur Omakase For Two, following the astounding response of the Buy 1 Free 1 Omakase it recently launched.

This Nobu Kuala Lumpur Omakase For Two comprises five courses of inviting dishes featuring the likes of Grilled Prime Aged Ribeye for only RM398++(two pax). A new and improved Omakase offering premium ingredients and delectable dishes that guests can enjoy from 8 August to 30 September 2020.

As Merdeka day approaches, this promotion with famed Japanese-Peruvian dishes will definitely elevate your taste buds without having to pinch your wallet.

Known for its amazing high-end Japanese food and hospitality all around the globe, Nobu Restaurant is totally worth a try, at least once in a lifetime. WORLD OF BUZZ had the pleasure of trying the new menu, namely the Nobu Kuala Lumpur Omakase For Two.

The tantalising experience begins with a Moriawase that comprises a succulent serving of Oyster topped with caviar and an exquisite Japanese mountain green peach sauce that balances the whole flavour.

Moriawase Oyster

It follows with mouth-watering cuts of Chu Toro(bluefin tuna) with Wasabi Salsa, as well as extremely delicate big Hokkaido scallops with foie gras, a type of liver that originates from France.

Chu Toro

Hokkaido Scallops

Of the entire Moriawase, the Oyster and Hokkaido scallops were our favourite, the fine balance of sweet and savoury totally satisfied our taste buds. The buttery foie gras was slightly burnt, giving us a really distinct flavour.

Next item on the menu is a chef selection of assorted nigiri sushi. It is said to be a favourite amongst guests, meticulously handpicked from Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s wide selection by Chef Chico.

Chef’s Selection Assorted Sushi

It begins with Otoro sushi, which is indeed the richest fat of tuna. It has a silky smooth texture and melts in your mouth right away. Next is the Japanese Madai, usually served during New Year in Japan and the flavourful Kampachi that has a very chewy texture. 

The last sushi is the skipjack tuna, also known as Bonito. It is the stinkiest and fishiest sushi among all. The strong ocean flavour may be a little too much for some, thus the scallions and gingers were there to help subdue the taste. In Japan, skipjack tunas are usually dried until they became as hard as wood, and then shaved to make fish stock.

For the main course, steamed snapper with black bean sauce is served. This dish is catered to Malaysians, namely the signature dish of Nobu Kuala Lumpur.

Steamed Snapper with Black Bean Sauce

Topped with fried mushrooms and chilli threads (Ito togarashi) from Peru, the snapper is also drizzled with olive oil and sesame oil. 

Next is the ultimate main character of the whole meal. Arguably the highlight of the Omakase, the Grilled Prime Aged Ribeye is aged for 150 days, its knife-through-butter texture is paired perfectly with the sharp savoury notes of Goma (white sesame seeds) truffle sauce further enhancing the earthy flavour.

Grilled Prime Aged Ribeye

Besides, the dish is also complemented with balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes and creamy pumpkin sauce.

Nobu Style Cheese Cake with Wild Berries Compote

*Drumrolls* It’s dessert time. Nobu KL’s Nobu Style Cheese Cake with Wild Berries Compote will satisfy your sweet tooth without a doubt! The chilled cheesecake has raspberry sauce and white chocolate on top, as well as mixed berries compote on the side. Definitely one of our favourites on the menu!

Rambutan Martini

And of course, you can opt to down all this with a glass of refreshing Rambutan Martini. It’s the cocktail of the month and is available throughout August. The rambutan flavour in the cocktail is complemented with a heavy ginger taste, but after a while you will find yourself getting used to it.

While indulging in these mouth-watering delicacies, you can enjoy a panoramic view of stunning Kuala Lumpur. Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s comfy and chill ambience definitely made us want to stay longer!

“When we first launched the Signature Omakase For Two promotion, we never expected the response that followed. We received an overwhelming amount of support and positive reviews from guests about not only the value-for-money aspect but also the quality of the dishes,” Executive Chef, Philip Leong said.

“Our new Omakase should be an even bigger draw because of the immaculate ingredients that we’ve added in. From Foie Gras to Oysters, we’ve really gone all out to give guests a premium experience for an irresistible price,” he added.

Head Sushi Chef Chico also said that they have put a lot of thought to this Omakase to ensure the experience is enjoyable throughout the five courses. “This wasn’t as simple as putting a few dishes together and giving it a name, we took into consideration the taste profiles, weight, texture and even the order of which dishes were served. The whole kitchen team is really excited to launch this Omakase and we can’t wait to see the response,” he said.

We loved the entire experience of dining in Nobu KL and the scrumptious Omakase was really a delightful experience of flavours. We believe you wouldn’t want to miss this chance too.

Take a look at their official website, Facebook and Instagram and book yourself and your loved ones an Omakase For Two while you can!

Address: Nobu Kuala Lumpur, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Operation hours: 11.45pm to 2pm & 6pm to 10.30pm every day.


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