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WOB Tries: We Bought A Pan of Fudgy Brownies For Only RM50 & It Was SO WORTH IT!



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Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Or maybe you’re looking for something to bring to a potluck or to surprise your loved ones? Well, you can’t go wrong with brownies!

Introducing CRUMBS by Ashley.

A little back story, the writer wanted to surprise her colleagues at work with some brownies, so one week before going into the office, she ordered a pan of brownies from Ashley. All the transactions were done efficiently and quickly as Ashley has a menu on her Instagram store with the prices written clearly.

No before pictures of the original 16 as we were already salivating. Look at how flaky it is though!

Now moving on to the actual review, the pan of brownies were cut into 16 generous pieces, however, we have quite a number of people in the office. So we cut it all up into 64 pieces. While dividing the brownies, we could hear the flaky and crumbly outer layer give way, revealing the fudgy insides.

Fudgy insides!

The smell of the chocolate was truly intoxicating and it was distracting during our meeting. One of our colleagues couldn’t stand the temptation and dove right into the box of goodies right after the meeting was over. She could not stop after the first one and she had to ask us to keep the box away from her.

He said he didn’t want any but when the smell wafted to his nose, he couldn’t stand the temptation and ate 5 of it in quick succession.

So we shared it to everyone in the office and they all loved it. In addition to the textural contrast between the outer and inner layer, we found chunks of chocolate in the brownies as well. The chunks gave us pockets of sinful, chocolatey goodness and with this much chocolate, you probably think that it might be too sweet. That’s not the case here as we found it perfectly-balanced and the sweetness was just right.

He couldn’t help but finish the last few bites.

Many colleagues asked for the price and they were all shocked as to how affordable it is! For brownies that good, one would expect that it would cost at least RM65++ but it only costs RM50 excluding delivery fees.

In addition to brownies, Ashley also makes blondies, lamingtons, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and even pet treats! If you’re interested in going to dessert heaven then click here!


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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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