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WOB TRIES: We Can’t Get Enough Of MyungRang, The Famous Korean Premium Street Snacks



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Korean food lovers, take note!

The premium Korean Street Snack, MyungRang has recently opened its new branch in Sunway Velocity Mall, making it the first-ever store in Kuala Lumpur.

If you love the Korean culture, or long to have a taste of something very authentically Korean, or you simply just want to have some really amazing street snacks, MyungRang should definitely be one of your go-to choices.

We visited the MyungRang store at the third level of Sunway Velocity Mall and had a wonderful Korean premium street snack experience.

Different from any other brands that sell Korean sausages, MyungRang uses ingredients imported all the way from Korea. The thick and long rice cakes (Tteok) are also custom made. The Korean breadcrumbs are more crunchy compared to local breadcrumbs used by other brands.

To allow their customers to have a more genuine Korean street snack experience, MyungRang’s staff are all trained in Korea. You can even have a peek at how they make their Korean sausages through a glass wall.

Firstly, the sausages are being hand-rolled into the batter, then dipped into the crispy breadcrumbs before frying.

The sausages are deep-fried exactly like how they do in Korea. After a while of frying, the excess oil on the products will be dried before being served to the customers.

One extraordinary thing about MyungRang’s products is that the sausages will be coated in sugar. The sugar balances the flavour and adds spice to the sausages. Customers can then choose their choice of seasonings and sauces to be drizzled on the top of the sausages.

The crispiness of the outer layer of the sausage gets to us with just the first bite. We were able to pull the Mozarella cheese as long as we want to and we absolutely loved it! The sausage remains flavourful despite being wrapped with both Cheddar and Mozarella cheese.

Look at the cheese pull!

Jessica, the Marketing Director of MyungRang suggested us to try out their rice cake sausages and said that was her personal favourite. Surprisingly, the rice cake sausage actually tastes sweet. The sticky rice cake is balanced perfectly with the crispy outer layer, the taste is definitely something you cannot find anywhere else in Malaysia other than MyungRang.

“Korean mothers would usually give their kids rice cakes dipped with honey as their snacks, we brought this experience to a whole new level and many of the customers around the globe actually like it,” said Jessica.

Note that the rice cake sausages contain no sausage, but a huge-size rice cake!

There is also a product called the Monster MyungRang, which is an exclusive product specially catered for Malaysians. It is the combination of Mozarella cheese and sausage covered with Cheddar cheese, coated with not only breadcrumbs but french fries cubes or sweet potato cubes as well. Top it off with some tomato and honey mustard sauces and you will get a savoury premium snack.

You can also have a can of Korean Sprite along to give this whole MyungRang Korean street snack experience a finishing touch.

MyungRang’s products contain no pork, no lard and no alcohol. As the name MyungRang (which means cheerful in Korean) goes, the brand’s goal is to provide Malaysians with a cheerful, joyous and delicious experience after each bite of the signature Korean snacks.

Check out their Facebook Page for more information!

Have fun snacking!


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