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Woman Brutally Assaulted Her Police Husband After She Saw Photos of Him Carrying An Accident Victim



Source: Facebook / Science Photo Gallery
This is quite shocking!

A policeman was physically assaulted by his wife because she saw him carrying a woman out of the bush after the woman was involved in an accident in Thailand. The lady saw a picture of her husband carrying the woman that went viral on social media and she got jealous, reported Astro Awani.

After she laid eyes on the picture, she attacked him and the man was admitted to the hospital because he was so badly assaulted. The poor policeman suffered injuries on his face after he was attacked brutally by his wife. Apparently, the woman got angry because of her husband’s spontaneous decision to carry the young woman even though there were two other men to help her.

Source: Facebook

As the case went viral, netizens were divided on this issue as some felt the policeman may have misused the situation to take advantage of the woman involved in the accident. Meanwhile, another bunch of netizens just felt that he was unlucky to have a jealous wife.

We hope that the man is recovering well and both of them (man and wife) can sort out their differences as soon as possible. What are your opinions on this case? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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