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Woman Dumps BF As His Delivery Job Got No Future, But He Earns RM6k More Than Her



Woman Dumps BF Saying His Food Delivery Job Got No Future, But He Earns DOUBLE Her Salary - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Alamy & China Daily

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Relationships aren’t easy to manage, especially when you have to talk about finances. While the idea of going dutch (aka 50/50) may sound like the best way to deal with things, sometimes, it doesn’t end up that way. Especially when you factor in things like the kind of job your partner takes on.

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In a post that was shared to popular Chinese social media site Weibo, a girl vented her frustrations about her relationship, complaining that she can’t accept the fact that her boyfriend works as a food-delivery guy. It is alleged that they both live in Shanghai, China, which as you can probably assume has a pretty high cost of living. She also lamented the fact that her boyfriend has no education, and cannot provide a stable future for them.

Source: Weibo

Howeverrrrr, her boyfriend’s income is more than TRIPLE that of her own. She earns around 4,000RMB (about RM2,300), while he earns up to 15,000RMB (RM8,800)!

She then goes on to ask the advice of netizens as to whether she should break up with him, or keep the relationship going. She also provided screencaps of their conversations.

Source: Weibo

She questions if he really plans to work as a food delivery man all his life, before asking him how would she go about explaining to her parents that she’s dating someone who only works in food-delivery service. 

“Did you never think of our future?” she accuses him.

“Please don’t get mad. I know what you’ve been thinking about. I’ve been thinking a lot about it too.” he responds.

Source: Weibo

Her boyfriend goes on to explain that without education or connections, the only job opportunities that are open to him are apprenticeships, which are usually unpaid in China. So without any options, he resorted to working as a food-delivery man.

“How about I stop working nights, and I’ll take you out to dinner? Or maybe I could buy you the things you told me you wanted to buy the last time.”

But even that didn’t appease her at all. In fact, she wonders if he will even be able to afford a car or a house.

Source: Weibo

Which led to her boyfriend saying that he remains in Shanghai so he could work on saving up all the money that they need to live comfortably, explaining that he doesn’t have to rent a room because his job provides both food and board.

“Once I have saved up enough money, we can then open up a small business. How about that?” he asked.

Her response? “So that’s your idea? That’s it? Are you trying to say that all this while, I’ve just been wasting your money?”

While we don’t get any more details about the rather heated exchange beyond that point, we have to say that it appears that despite his best efforts, the girl’s boyfriend isn’t going to win, whichever way he chooses to appease her.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think that the girl went overboard with her complaints? 


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