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Woman Fined RM50,000 For Selling Bracelets That ‘Prevent’ Covid-19 Infection



Source: Facebook

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There are many fake and unproven medical products and methods that have made its way on social media purported by irresponsible individuals looking to make away with people’s money during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not only do these people hinder efforts to battle fake news during the outbreak, but they also prey on those gullible enough to believe that a cure is found especially for those who desperately need them.

One of those instances is a woman taking to social media peddling her goods, only to be met with swift justice in the hands of the authorities.

Taking to Facebook, Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis reports that a woman was compounded RM50,000 for promoting a bracelet on social media said to have Covid-19 preventive qualities.

According to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Enforcement Director Datuk Iskandar Halim Sulaiman, a viral-ed post on social media saw the emergence of a product that claimed it was able to prevent the Covid-19 infection.

The item in question, an RM580 bracelet, witnessed a direct sales agent called in for questioning and was met with a maximum compound of RM50,000.

“The action of the woman in question, promoting the said product goes against Section 10(1)(h) Consumer Protection Act 1999 and have been compounded a maximum of RM50,000.”

If the compound is not paid, the woman in question may face a fine of RM100,000 or serve jail time not more than three years, or both.

That’s heavy.

Taking a mickey out of the direct seller, netizens commenting on the post likened the bracelet to hair ties commonly found at general stores all around Malaysia.

One netizen writes, “Might as well sell these. At least you can tie your hair nicely with it.”

“Scientists around the world are hard at work coming up with a vaccine. This makcik comes to us promoting a bracelet to solve all our problems.”

What scammers in Malaysia do not understand is that the general public here are now well versed in the tactics that they use to trick Malaysians.

Let’s be wary of not only at the spread of fake news but also at scammers trying to take advantage of our desperation for a cure to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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