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Man Recorded and Laughed at Girl, But Didn’t Realise She Died Overdosing on Drugs



Man Films Woman Frothing At The Mouth A Leaves Her Dead On Lobby Couch - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Facebook

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The rule of thumb that is best observed when going to a party is to party responsibly. After all, many unfortunate accidents wind up happening as a result of some bad choices made when one isn’t of sound, sober mind! But sometimes, things can really go horribly wrong and the consequences are irreversible.

As reported by a Facebook group in Thailand, a man referred to as R.W. had allegedly left a young woman for dead at a condominium lobby after she was drunk and overdosed on drugs, in a frightening case of complete irresponsibility and danger.

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R.W had initially intended to hire a female entertainer to join him for a meal and drinks. The night then hit a wild note when drugs and alcohol were involved. It wasn’t sure yet if he slipped her drugs or if she took them on her own accord.

Source: Facebook

Man Films Woman Frothing At The Mouth And Leaves Her Dead On Lobby Couch - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

As they continued to party together into the late hours of the night, tragedy struck when the young woman started frothing from the mouth! Despite the danger of leaving a person in such a clear state of distress, R.W simply reached for his phone and filmed her as she continued to froth and convulse. What was he thinking?!

After filming the young woman, who had already fallen unconscious, R.W simply carried her down to the lobby of his condominium and left her there before calling her friends to pick her up. Unfortunately, as the condominium lobby could only be access via keycard, her friends were not able to reach her until they snuck in with someone else. By the time they reached her, she had unfortunately passed away.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

What is truly ridiculous is the fact that R.W uploaded the videos he took of the young woman on social media, and only took them down when the story of her death became public knowledge. When he was asked about why he didn’t take her to the hospital immediately, he responded by saying he didn’t realise she was going through heart failure. 

Hospital authorities, however, reported that when she arrived at the hospital, the young woman had already been dead for eight hours. But due to insufficient evidence, the police has not been able to make any arrests as of now. Investigations are ongoing as to whether she had taken the drugs willingly, or if the drugs were slipped into her drink.

The story has since gone viral on Thai social media, with many netizens condemning R.W for his cruel actions. We sincerely hope that investigations will be able to uncover the truth behind this incident and that the young woman will be able to rest in peace.


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