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Woman Has Nosebleeds Due To Radiation Poisoning From “Energy Stone” From Her Father



Woman Has Nosebleeds Due To Radiation Poisoning From "Energy Stone" G - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Shutterstock & DeepSeaEnergyPyramid

A parents’ love for their kids is unconditional. As children, we often don’t understand what our parents do for us but as we grow up, we learn to understand that they show their love in their own quirky ways. I mean, how many times has your mom or dad prescribed a vitamin and a remedy that you have no idea what it does but you kinda just follow it. That’s exactly what this dad thought of doing for his beloved daughter, but unfortunately, things went totally wrong.

A father in China gifted his daughter a “deep sea energy stone” that supposedly functioned as an energy soother that provides a deep circular energy. And if y’all were like me and didn’t know what a deep sea energy stone is, here’s a picture for you.

However, the girl suddenly started having nosebleeds for unknown reasons since she started using the stone. She didn’t think anything of it and just accepted her nose bleeds. You know, like how normal people just accept blood dripping from their noses. Well, the mystery was solved at the Zhoushuizi Airport in Dalian, China at the customs area. Why the customs area you ask ?

Well, at the customs department it was revealed the rock was radioactive. Its radiation level was 112 times higher than the standard. This radiation was what caused the girl to have her nosebleeds. Not to worry however as the local environment bureau has since disposed of it.

While it’s definitely a sweet gesture from her father, the next time you receive any type of health stone, make sure to check where it comes from and exactly what it’s made of. In the end, no wealth justifies getting nosebleeds 24/7!


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