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Woman Leaves Car Blocking Parking Entrance, Receives Best Karma Yet



Stubborn Woman's Car Blocking the Entrance, Crane Hired to Lift and Leave it On Roof - World Of Buzz
Source: The Star

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None of this would have happened if she just paid her parking fee. 

Just recently, a female driver was halted by a security guard when she was leaving a residential estate in Liaoning province, China. The on-duty guard asked her to pay for the parking fee but the stubborn woman just wouldn’t play by the rule, according to The Star.

She even got into an argument with the guard before blatantly leaving her white sedan parked right outside the security station. She then walked away, like a boss. Why leh? 

Her inconsiderate behaviour had consequently blocked several cars from entering the estate. After patiently waiting for two hours, the management took drastic action by hiring a crane to gently lift the car and relocate it.

Instead of moving the car to another spot, the crane operator was given the green light to leave the car on the security station’s roof. Well, that literally escalated quickly!

Source: The Star

When the woman came back, she was dumbfounded to see her car miraculously ‘teleported’ to the roof. Both parties were eventually asked to present themselves at a nearby police station to iron out the issue. After the meeting, the same crane was called in again to bring the car back to the ground.

However, it is unclear whether the woman ended up paying for her parking fee or who covered the cost of hiring the crane, but one thing for sure is that she had learnt her lesson.

China never seizes to amaze us, especially with the way they do things there. Bet the woman would stay away from cranes for the rest of her life.


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