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Woman Needs RM580k to Repair RM450k Car After Driving Through Flood



Woman Wades Through Water with RM450k Mini Cooper, Now Needs RM580k For Repair - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily

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Wading through the water during flash floods is a daunting task for most motorists, because once the water gets into your car, it’s game over and the damage repair will put a dent in your bank account. That’s exactly what happened to this woman!

On 9th November, a Singaporean woman named Lee was driving her brand new Mini Cooper on Admiralty Road West when the rain began pouring.

It was raining cats and dogs, and the road was soon submerged due to the fast-rising water. Sadly, the 46-year-old businesswoman had no choice but to keep moving forward while wading through floodwater.

Suddenly, her engine died. Uh oh…

Lee said that the situation was critical as the water rose to her knee level. So, she quickly called up a car workshop for help.

A complaint was also lodged to the government regarding the flash flood but they responded by saying the incident was caused by heavy rain. No sh*t, Sherlock! 

Here’s the heartbreaking part. Lee sent her 3-week-old Mini Cooper back to the factory for inspection. The technicians told her that the car was severely damaged, and that all the electronic components needed to be fixed.

The estimated cost of repairs came out at $190,000 (approx RM581,000), and she bought the car at a lower price of $150,000 (approx RM458,000)!

Can you believe it? It costs more to repair the car than buying it! The car may be a Mini, but the bill certainly isn’t! 

Lee was left with two options.

Option 1 – fork out RM581,000 to repair the car
Option 2 – condemn the car and get back up to $100,000 (approx RM305,000)

The second choice is clearly a more sensible one, but still, she’s looking at a loss of up to $50,000 (approx RM152,000)!  She’s still waiting for a reply from her insurance company regarding the compensation. Good luck! 

So guys, unless you’re driving a high-rise truck, it’s recommended that you sit tight or take alternative routes instead. Whatever you do, don’t wade through it, otherwise, your bank account will hate you for it!


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