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US Woman Allegedly Peed into Ice Cream Machine Because She Was Jealous of Rival



Florida Woman PEED into a Bucket That was Used to Churn Ice Cream - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Next Shark

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After the incident where a young woman was caught licking ice cream at the supermarket, here’s another disgusting one for you guys.

A Florida woman was caught PEEING into a bucket that was used to churn ice cream. WTF.

It was reported that she runs the Indian Shores Food Mart next door, and had been using the bathroom shared with the ice cream shop located next door.

Source: Next Shark

The accused woman, Jung Soon Wypcha, tried to enter the bathroom on 22 June but the door was locked. She then took a bucket and urinated in it, and emptied the bucket into the sink that is used to wash the ice cream utensils!

Paul Chiulli, the owner of the ice cream shop, was horrified upon finding out the disgusting truth on a CCTV footage.

Apparently, it wasn’t the only time that the 66-year-old woman had done something gross when she admitted to the police that she spat in the ice cream that was kept in the freezer, as well as picked her nose and touched the ice cream with her booger-covered hand, all within the same month.

The poor ice cream shop owner stated that he wasn’t aware that she could access his shop. And all her wrongdoings had caused his shop to close for five days in order to get rid of all the contaminated products.

Source: Next Shark

According to the New York Post, the two shops were rivals, which may be the reason why the woman decided to destroy USD2,000 (about RM8,200) worth of ice cream. Whoa, that’s a lot of ice cream!

Chiulli mentioned that the woman may have been fueled by jealousy because his business was getting popular.

Wypcha was charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products.

The recent ice cream contamination incidents are making us scream, and all we know is that the ice cream is innocent. 😭

Also, we may need a break from ice cream until the PTSD is over.

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