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Woman Slashes Husband to Death Because He Forgot to Tapau Chicken Thighs for Her



Woman Kills Husband After He Forgot to Buy Her Chicken Thighs - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sina News & The Spruce Eats

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Disagreements are par for the course when it comes to married life, but we definitely didn’t expect this one to get so heated! When a man in China forgot to tapau some chicken thighs for his wife, the couple got into a major fight that ended in his death. Say what?! 

China Press reported that the man, named Wu, had been out entertaining customers, when his wife, Luo, requested him to buy some chicken thighs for her. According to Wu’s mother, her son forgot about the errand when he came home, following which a huge fight erupted between the two. At the time, Wu’s mother was in the shower and unaware of the tussle that took place, until she heard the screams of her granddaughter.

Woman Kills Husband Because He Forgot to Buy Her Chicken Thigh - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Sina News

By the time she came out, her son was already lying in a pool of blood, and the horrifying realisation dawned on her – her daughter-in-law had just used a fruit knife to slash her son to death. 

Before the sudden killing, things had been peachy between husband and wife, as they projected an image of a picture perfect family, especially with a son and a daughter. However, Wu’s family had always felt he was overly accommodating of his wife’s every whim and fancy, which led to Luo becoming more and more demanding. As her temperament changed, arguments between the two grew more frequent. How sad to think that things can quickly turn so sour. 

Source: Kwong Wah

Relations between the doomed man and his wife took a turn for the worse earlier this year in March, when Luo wrecked the family car over a minor disagreement. A neighbour in the know explained that Luo and Wu clashed over the caretaking of his mother, as Luo wanted Wu’s four sisters to take up their share of the responsibility. She even insisted that Wu’s mother stay in an airtight, narrow storeroom, causing Wu’s anger to flare up. To be honest, if we were in Wu’s shoes, we’d be mad too! 

After that fight, Wu became increasingly stressed as he found himself unable to mend his marriage. The underlying tension then came to a boiling point last Saturday (April 13), when Luo flew into a rage over the chicken thighs and ended her husband’s life.

We are completely speechless over this grim end to one man’s life, and all over a piece of food no less! We express our condolences to the family, especially Wu’s mother and the couple’s children. Hopefully, Luo can be given professional help for her violent behaviour. 


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