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Woman Spends RM7,680 on Double Eyelid Surgery But Now She Can’t Close Her Eyes Properly



Woman Can't Close Her Eyes Fully After Getting Double Eyelid Surgery Twice - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily

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Chinese people don’t usually have prominent double eyelids, which generally makes a person more attractive. Some would consider getting double eyelid surgery where the skin around the eye is reshaped, but while some results turn out great, other results turn out to be quite disastrous.

A woman from China spent 13,000 yuan (about RM7,680) to get double eyelid surgery and epicanthus corrective surgery – a type of eye surgery that aims to lengthen the inner parts of the eye to make the eye bigger.

However, things took a turn for the worse as she realised that she couldn’t completely close her eyes after the surgery!

According to Oriental Daily, the woman requested for compensation from the clinic, but they said that her situation is normal and that she will slowly recover.

Nevertheless, her vision began to blur because she could not close her eyes even after the recovery period. She said that after the first surgery, her eyes became swollen and the double eyelid effects were not prominent enough. So, she asked the hospital to perform another operation.

Unsurprisingly, the second operation also did not give her any good results she had hoped for, but her eyelids became even more ugly, and she was unable to close her eyes.

The hospital then offered to perform a third operation for her, but she rejected the offer.

The doctor said that the woman’s second operation was very close to the first operation so the scars from both surgeries had stuck together. He added that it is normal and that it will heal slowly.

However, while she waits for her eyelids to heal, she can only sleep with her eyelids half-closed. 

In the end, she and the hospital were able to reach a settlement of 30,000 yuan (about RM17,700).

OMG, I can’t imagine not being able to close my eyelids! I guess this is one of the risks that you could face if you were to do double eyelid surgery. Consider carefully!


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