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Woman Takes Care Of 250 Cats As She Couldn’t Bear Them Being Abandoned



Woman Takes Care Of 250 Cats As She Couldn't Bear Looking At Them Being Abandoned - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita.Mediacorp

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It’s always inspiring to see people who run animal shelters. These people put the needs of the animals before their own and while doing so, they provide the best care and love these animals can get. Some of us see stray animals and do nothing about them except share their plight on social media. That’s not the case for this housewife from Indonesia who went the extra mile to care for the stray cats in her area.

Dita Agusta from Parung, Jakarta lives with 250 cats she adopted from the streets, and she provides safe shelter from them. She does this in hopes that they will be adopted one day. Dita has had this passion for saving cats ever since she was little and kept seeing abandoned cats in her neighbourhood.

“It’s so difficult to see these cats just abandoned at the side of the road.”

She and her husband, Mohamad Lutfi moved from Bekasi to Parung, which made Dita happier as this was a bigger house, and she could house all her beloved cats. Taking care of her cats is not a job Dita takes lightly as she and her husband spend close to 1 million rupiah (RM300) a month for the cats’ food, medical needs and litter boxes. Not only that, but they also hired five people to clean their house twice a day to ensure cleanliness. As if she couldn’t be nicer, Dita told that she doesn’t take in cats that are healthy instead, the cats she takes in are all either sick or disabled and require her care almost forever.

She always walks around her area to feed any cats she finds. Being a responsible pet owner, she made sure to neuter the cats there to maintain the population, and cleans them regularly to make sure they’re not a health risk.

Bless Dita’s heart for caring so much for these stray cats. She also proved that to care for these cats, you not only have to be good-hearted, you also have to be smart and responsible in maintaining them. To the rest of us, remember -adopt don’t shop!


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