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Woman Visits Her ‘Oppa’ in South Korea, He Steals RM11,000 Cash and Disappears



Woman Visits her 'Oppa' in Korea, He Steals RM11,000 Cash and Disappears - World Of Buzz
Featured Image Source: Facebook

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Dating people you meet online is always a precarious thing to do. You never really know the background of that person and more importantly, their true motives.

Sadly, people you meet online can be rather dodgy and tend to pursue online relationships for a reason – to scam people.

One of those fishy people is Taylor Kwon Soon Ho from South Korea who decided to date Singaporean Adabelle Luna Lee. Although he treated her well in the beginning, it was all just a ruse.

Source: Facebook

In a Facebook post that recently went viral, Luna explained what had happened between her and Taylor.

“There’s this young Korean man named Taylor Kwon Soon Ho who is wanted in South Korea right now.”

“Both the Korean Police Officers and Immigration Government Officers are currently tracking him down because he skipped and wanted to escape his national service (NS) in Korea.”

In countries like South Korea and Singapore, skipping out on NS is considered a major crime!

Source: Facebook

He is reportedly so wanted by the government that he is desperate to escape South Korea before he gets caught.

“When I was in his hometown in Incheon, he even robbed me of 3,000,000 Korean won (approx. RM11,200) in cash from my wallet. Currently, this guy is missing!”

“When we were in Singapore, I’ve already lent him SGD10,000 (RM31,020) because he lied to me that he needed to go for a heart and liver surgery. He also had to clear some debts and pay his Korean friends back.”

“But from what I’ve checked with the boys (his friends), Taylor Kwon Soon Ho did not pay a single cent back and they are lodging a police report against him in Korea, too.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After Taylor stole from her and disappeared, it was his own parents who helped her throughout the whole ordeal.

“Taylor Kwon Soon Ho’s parents are the ones who brought me to the police station asking me to lodge the police report and sue their own son.”

Korean drama, sial…

“The parents even bought me food and brought me to stay in their family’s apartment.”

According to Luna, Taylor isn’t a very likeable person even in Incheon because he apparently owes most of his friends money. Besides that, he also has many credit card debts.

In total, he has debts amounting to 200,000,000 Korean won (RM746,416)!

Luna hopes that if anyone recognises Taylor Kwon Soon Ho in South Korea, Singapore, or anywhere else, they will immediately report him to the authorities.

Well, let this be a lesson to never easily trust anyone you meet online!

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