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Woman’s Handbag Gets Snatched By Motorcyclist Near McDonald’s in Telawi, Bangsar 



Snatch Theft Bangsar - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: PropertyGuru

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If you’re always hanging out or running errands near Jalan Telawi in Bangsar, please be careful because someone else just fell victim to a snatch theft case!

In a Facebook group called The Republic of Bangsar, one Malaysian netizen shared how her bag was snatched by a motorcyclist just as she was exiting the side entrance of McDonald’s along Jalan Telawi 5. This incident happened in the morning at about 9.15am on Wednesday, 29th April when she was taking away breakfast for her kids.

In the post, she detailed her traumatic experience, saying,

“Yesterday morning at about 9.15am, my handbag was snatched by a bike rider on a 125cc motorbike, he was going against the one-way traffic and came from my behind. This was from the side entrance and I was already almost at my car.”

Snatch Theft Bangsar - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: PropertyGuru

Apparently, the snatch thief had an accomplice and they were waiting where the food delivery riders were. In total, there were reportedly two bikes and two riders.

Her handbag strap broke off as the rider yanked hard at her purse and got away. She was too shocked by what had just happened and reacted by screaming her lungs out. That said, she is thankful that she did not get hurt in the incident. Phew! 

“Suffice to say, my kids’ breakfast landed on the road and am still rather traumatised,” she added.

Snatch Theft Bangsar - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: GoogleMaps

She has since lodged a police report and the crime has been caught on CCTV camera in the area. She is also thankful that PDRM was quick to act on the case and they are currently investigating the matter. Let’s hope they nab the riders ASAP before someone else falls victim. 

She concluded her post by warning other Bangsarians, especially ladies, to be alert and very careful when they are exiting the fast food chain.

We’re glad she’s okay and hope the cops will punish those scums once they’re caught. As for everyone else, if you frequent Bangsar, please stay vigilant because snatch thieves could be lurking around at any corner! 


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